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What does the whole process of mould processing include

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What does the whole process of mould processing include

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The whole process of mold processing and production includes what everyone should know that there are many products in our life.How are these products made?This needs to be understood.In fact, many production steps are basically the same, so the next step is to take a look at what is involved in the whole process of mold processing and production.In short, it includes mold design, process specification development, production parts organization, mold assembly, testing and adjustment, inspection and packaging.Let's look at this.Some specific analysis and understanding, I hope you can understand this through our introduction.

What is the whole process of mold processing and production?

1. Mold pattern design: mold pattern design of lighter hood is a highly intelligent labor force, which is generally completed by the technical department and is the most critical work in the mold production process.

2. Develop process specifications: according to the mold design drawing, the process personnel and the manufacturing process and operation method of the whole mold or part shall be specified by the craftsman.These documents are usually published in tabular form and sent to departments and seminars.

3. Organize the production of spare parts: according to the production process specifications of spare parts or spare parts of spare parts and process CARDS, use mechanical processing, electrical processing and other methods to manufacture parts that meet the design requirements.

4. Mold assembly: according to the specified technical requirements, match and connect qualified parts and assemble them into molds that meet the structural requirements of the general drawing of mold design.

5. Test and adjustment: the assembled mold is tested and adjusted on the designated press, and the lighter hood is colored until qualified product parts are produced.

Inspection and packaging: inspect the appearance of qualified molds. Test parts shall be packaged together with molds, and fill in inspection sheet and certificate, which shall be delivered to the production department for use or according to the contract.

The above is a simple understanding of the whole process of mold processing and production.I believe everyone should have a certain understanding of mold processing.If friends are interested, they can come to our factory to visit and learn about our compound mould.It is also our main product and a very good product with relatively large sales.Then welcome everyone to my company for related understanding and understanding.

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