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Precision stamping parts of the appearance of fine control must know the four key points

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Precision stamping parts of the appearance of fine control must know the four key points

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Precision stamping parts of the appearance of fine control must know the four key points for the production of precision stamping parts, if the lighter windshield steel raw material is imported stainless steel material, the punching out of the precision hardware, often appear spot injury, crush, scratch and other appearance defects.When appearing this kind of circumstance at the same time, add to punching machine vacuum cleaner, expiratory mouth is handled, but the effect is not ideal also is the place that a lot of technical personnel have a headache!

In fact, to deal with this situation, there are many solutions, but specific to the implementation, there will be a lot of considerations, the supply of cigarette lighter cover will lead to the original determined scheme knocked down, reconstruction!

1. Add the protective film and stick it on the material. The supplier is required to buy the material.Cost is higher, can consider.

2. If not, try switching to different raw materials, and the performance of imported SUS and domestic SUS is sometimes quite different.The performance of different domestic suppliers is also different, but in order to ensure adequate performance, cost control is also a way to solve the problem!

3. Add proper amount of punching and shearing oil (to lubricate the punch head and cut the mouth to prevent waste debris), clean the mold regularly, sharpen the edge of the punch head in time, keep sharp, and reduce the generation of debris is also an effective method!

4. Mold smoothness must be good, use a brush to clean the surface of the mold more, often clean the surface of the mold and the work table, do not have iron scrap and other particle impurities on the surface of the material or mold to cause crush, but the production efficiency is reduced.

Plastic lighter hood precision stamping parts appearance of the four main points of fine control is the enterprise lean production should be considered!


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