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Fudu automation equipment efficient precision stamping die to reach the international advanced level

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Fudu automation equipment efficient precision stamping die to reach the international advanced level

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Ningbo fudu automation equipment co., LTD. Precision stamping parts technology first-class, advanced equipment. Fudu automation equipment efficient precision stamping parts die to reach the international advanced level

Precision stamping parts lighter enclosures wind technology since its invention in Europe in the 1920 s, has gone through 90 years of history, is a thick plate manufacturing is one of the most important way of precision plastic forming, is a large amount of economic production, high quality, multi-function ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts of high technical content and the economic benefits of better methods.Precision blanking press to complete a stamping process, through the processing of special precision blanking die, will produce one or more pieces of high precision, can be directly used for assembly of the forming parts, has been widely used in electronics, computers, electric power, home appliances, automobile and aviation and other fields.According to the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association responsible person luo baihui introduced, at present, 40 countries around the world have adopted fine blanking technology, a total of about 4500 fine blanking machines, about 10,000 kinds of production parts.For example, in a car (car), there are nearly 100 kinds of fine blanking parts including gearbox shifting fork, seat and seat belt adjustment, planetary gear, brake shoes and steel back.

During the eleventh five-year plan period, China's fine blanking die technology has made great progress, and a series of scientific research achievements have been made in fine blanking technology, materials, fine blanking press, die frame, die and lubrication.By the end of 2008, nearly 20 provinces and cities in China have professional fine blanking production equipment, a total of more than 80 fine blanking presses (excluding hydraulic formwork), fine blanking practitioners more than 5,000 people, the production of fine blanking pieces of about 2,000, and has formed a number of independent fine blanking die development demonstration base.Metal material from non-ferrous metal blanking extended to ferrous metal blanking.The blanking thickness of low carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel is up to 12mm.Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper alloy blanking thickness up to l8mm;With the progress of die materials and treatment methods and the improvement and popularization of the pelletized processing technology, some hard high carbon steel, high alloy steel and other low toughness materials such as nickel base or cobalt base alloy materials also began to be used in the production of fine blanking parts.In addition, the proportion of progressive compound fine punching die, transfer die and modular die developed independently has been significantly increased in domestic fine punching die, especially for complex parts of automobile transmission system.The research, development and application of finite element numerical simulation technology of fine blanking forming process, optimization technology of fine blanking die structure, intelligent design and knowledge base technology of fine blanking die have enhanced and enriched the technical connotation of fine blanking die in China.However, at present, fine blanking enterprises are generally small in scale, scattered in resources, low in production efficiency, short of talents and incomplete in supporting facilities.Although it has a certain development ability in the development of fine blanking die, it still lacks experience in the development of complex fine blanking die, especially in the development of fine blanking compound forming die, and imported die still occupies a large proportion.

Recently, the ji 'nan second machine tool group assumed by the national "high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" science and technology major project - "large fast and efficient CNC fully automatic stamping production line", through the China machinery industry federation organized by the expert appraisal, the main technical performance index reached the international advanced level.

According to the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association responsible person luo baihui introduction, large fast and efficient automatic stamping production line is a collection of machine, electricity, liquid in one of the large stamping equipment, represents the latest development trend of international stamping technology.For a long time, the Chinese automobile industry high-grade stamping equipment mainly depends on imports from abroad.Jinan no. 2 machine tool group developed the "large, fast and efficient CNC fully automatic stamping production line" created a new record of producing 15 large auto covers per minute, becoming the world's highest level of high-speed automatic stamping production line.

Jinan 2 machine successfully developed the project based on Shanghai gm dongyue motors (yantai) 42000 kn automatic flexible quick stamping production line, the first adopts synchronous control continuous operation mode of production, the whole line in mold time is only 3 minutes, the main performance index is superior to similar products for foreign companies, is currently the world's highest level of high-speed automatic stamping production line, is also the most complete function of domestic automobile industry application, efficiency, performance, and of the highest standards of stamping production line, the ten landmark projects have been included in the national major projects.

China's fast and efficient automatic stamping technology has reached the international advanced level, but the application of fine blanking technology in the manufacturing industry is not widespread, die system design and manufacturing technology and theory, fine blanking related supporting equipment, fine blanking oil, process and measurement equipment and other advanced international level is still a certain gap.

1, precision stamping die life fudu automation equipment efficient precision stamping parts die to reach the international advanced level

At present, the main gap between precision stamping parts at home and abroad is low life.Advanced lighter windshield state precision die die a grinding life of general steel plate materials are more than 40,000 times, the total life of the mold hundreds of thousands of times.At home, it's only 50% of what it is abroad.The outstanding problem that affects mould life is mould material and heat treatment quality, at present fine die because the price of import die steel is too expensive, in output is not very big circumstance, majority still USES domestic die steel.But the domestic mold steel material is not good, plus forging and heat treatment and other process control and quality instability leads to the overall mold life difference is very big.

2. Fine blanking material

Fine blanking material lighter accessories is one of the core elements of fine blanking technology. Fine blanking requires uniform material and moderate hardness.In order to achieve this goal, spheroidization annealing must be carried out before fine blanking.However, most materials in China can hardly meet the requirements, and the spheroidization rate of spheroidization annealing can only reach 50-90%.For die materials, die materials can basically meet the requirements of fine blanking in blanking, but for extrusion, high strength and high toughness of die materials can not meet the requirements at the same time.The properties (chemical composition and mechanical properties) and tolerances of domestic fine blanking metal plate materials are worse than those of imported materials.In addition, due to the production batch requirements of the material purchase volume does not meet the "minimum batch" required by the steel mills and therefore have to buy at a high price or import raw materials from abroad for a long time.These factors lead to the rising cost of fine blanking parts, forcing many enterprises to replace fine blanking products with ordinary metal plate or simple fine blanking, and affecting the market development of fine blanking products.In addition, the research on fine blanking materials in foreign advanced countries has developed from ordinary materials to high-strength fine blanking materials, and it has become possible for fine blanking materials with tensile strength up to 9OON/mm2 and high hardness materials.

3. Fine blanking die design

In order to improve the production efficiency, continuous precision stamping die has been in the leading position in the world, up to 70%, the production efficiency has reached 100 pieces /min, and the quality of precision stamping parts has reached million zero defects.At present, China has a certain capacity of fine blanking die design and development.However, at present, the domestic fine blanking industry is still lack of experience in the design and development of complex fine blanking die, especially the fine blanking compound forming die. Some enterprises have certain technical accumulation of certain specific products, but on the whole there is still a big gap with the advanced level of foreign countries.The domestic self-matching rate is less than 80%, among which the supply of low-grade mold exceeds the demand, and the self-matching rate of middle-grade mold is less than 60%.In addition, compared with foreign countries, domestic die life is generally lower, generally for foreign 1/3.The reason involves fine blanking die design, fine blanking material, fine blanking die material, precision of fine blanking die manufacturing, precision of fine blanking machine, lubricating oil and systematic manufacturing process of fine blanking.

4, fine blanking mold manufacturing

Research on manufacturing process of precision stamping die has accumulated a large amount of proprietary technology internationally, especially in century-old factories, and the technology accumulation has reached the expert level.In China, the accumulation of proprietary technology in fine die is very small, there is still a long way to go.In addition, the surface quality of the fine stamping die mold is very important to job performance and service life of the mold, especially high-grade cars driving and variable speed system of complex, high precision of fine blanking parts mould, home in the mold cavity surface treatment technologies by begin to pay close attention to, but this technology has obvious gap with foreign advanced countries.

5, die design stamping analysis ability

The research on finite element numerical simulation technology of fine blanking forming process and force analysis of fine blanking die has reached a high level in foreign countries.Although some universities and research institutes in China have carried out basic research in this field, there is still a gap in the applied research of these technologies.

6. Basic research team

Since the advent of fine blanking technology, fine blanking has always attracted the attention of scholars with its unique plastic forming method.At present, some universities and scientific research institutes maintain a more comprehensive and in-depth research on fine blanking process and die technology, but there is still a big gap with the international advanced level.On international, a Swiss FEINTOOL company advocates of fine blanking research university union joined five scientific research institutions, namely, the Swiss federal institute of technology in Zurich, the virtual manufacturing technology research institute (ETHZurich), the German machine tool research institute (RWTHAachen), RWTH aachen university Munich university of technology institute of metal forming and casting (TU Munich), the Ohio state university (OSU) and Shanghai jiao tong university in China, is relatively active in the international academic research team fine blanking technology.

7. Mold standardization

The international standard is the German institute of engineers standard VDI 3345(Feinschneiden).Foreign fine blanking leading enterprises, such as Swiss FEINTOOL (VDI3345 main unit) in VDI3345 based on the formation of enterprise standards, and part of the public.At present, China's main fine blanking enterprises hate according to VDI3345 and Swiss faintour company standards to develop the relevant standards who.In order to improve the overall ability of China's fine blanking die industry, promote the development of industry norms, in the comprehensive international standard and China's fine blanking die industry development of the actual situation, the development of China's fine blanking die national or industrial standards is particularly important.

8. Fine blanking equipment

Finetoo1, a Swiss company, has been in the forefront of Finetoo1 industry. Its Finetoo1 equipment, technology, auxiliary process accessories and Finetoo1 oil are among the world's leading companies.In recent years, Japanese fine blanking equipment has been gradually rising, occupying a large part of the medium market of fine blanking equipment, but China is almost blank in this respect.

Fine blanking die in our country in the future development goal is to adapt to the need of the domestic market of fine blanking parts, from continuous precision stamping die design and manufacture, promote the scale of fine blanking die, continue to expand manufacturing capacity, in complex fine blanking die independent development ability, digital fine blanking die research level, development and reasonable application of fine blanking die material and surface treatment technology of fine blanking die made obvious progress, efforts to improve the precision stamping die technology level of enterprises, narrow the gap with the international advanced level, domestic fine blanking parts get more extensive application.

Future product and technology development of the key and major issues

1. Research on key technologies of design and manufacture of fine punch die for connection of complex parts

Continuous fine blanking die for complex parts is the frontier basic technology of fine blanking technology.With synchronous gear ring, clutch plate, longitudinal composite continuous fine blanking process and die and other complex parts of continuous fine blanking die as the breakthrough, the study of fine blanking die design and manufacturing key technology, to achieve the rapid improvement of China's fine blanking die technology, as soon as possible to shorten the gap with advanced countries.

2. Study on life improvement of fine blanking die and related key technologies

Die life is a comprehensive reflection of the level of die material, process and supporting products, with the life of precision punching die as the leading technology, can not only solve the problem of too low life of precision punching die, but also drive the development of die material, precision punching process, supporting tooling and other auxiliary products.

3. Research and development of precision stamping and precision forging composite technology

Precision stamping parts and precision forging are two advanced manufacturing technologies developed in parallel. Precision forging parts are too thick and need precision forging, while precision forging parts are too thin and need precision punching.The basic idea of developing the composite process of fine forging and fine blanking is to find the joint point of these two processes (such as gear parts with hub and CAM parts with short shaft).







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