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Multi - station progressive die design of connector terminal

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Multi - station progressive die design of connector terminal

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Multi-station progressive die design of connector terminal stamping progressive die terminal parts, materials for tin-coated brass 0·3 mm thick.Its structure is more complex, is a blanking, local forming, multi - bending, square forming and other processes of small size parts.At the same time, in order to ensure the parts and the supporting plug reliable contact, the plug insertion force is not more than 6·5 N, after 5 times of plug and pull output is not less than 4 N.This puts forward higher requirements to the parts forming.In addition, because the parts material is relatively thin, the size is small, the monthly demand is large, so the mold structure design and stamping production put forward special requirements

Multi - station progressive die is precise, efficient and long - life mold.Its structure is more complex, the cycle of design and manufacture is longer, and it has higher requirements for its use.Many foreign hardware factories, especially electrical hardware factories and jewelry hardware factories, have widely used multi-station progressive die to produce hardware products.Most of these manufacturer do not have product graph, also do not have full-time mould design personnel, take qualified product as sample however, from draw product graph, craft analysis, mould design, mould is made to produce finished product to be in charge of by make model master one person.As an example, the quick design and manufacture method of multi-station progressive die is briefly introduced.

Lighter wind cap custom multi-station progressive die needs to be completed in the process of a stamping blanking, deep drawing, bending, plastic, blanking process [1], for this kind of mold transfer request, movement coordination in the process of mold design is urgently needed to solve problem, especially in the high machining accuracy requirement of multistep progressive die design, step away from the higher accuracy, the higher sports coordination requirements.Now on step distance precision of high precision multi-station progressive die complex, USES the motion simulation technology, combining the characteristics of the progressive die working process, convenient and quick to complete and coordinate the working process of the design of progressive die, and that the user can clear through movement simulation in the working process of the progressive die mold and the holistic movement of a single specific location of the stamping process.At the same time, on the basis of motion simulation, through the analysis of the interference between the structure of the mold, check whether the coordination between the movement under dynamic conditions, and through the modification of the interference position to achieve the coordination between the movement process.Progressive die structure can be divided into upper die and lower die.

The reed part of the shell of lighter flame tube belongs to the inclusivity part, which is formed in three-dimensional space and has many bending points. The inclusivity part has high dimensional accuracy and good elasticity.Material selection QSn6.5 _0.1Y, the material has good elasticity and fatigue resistance.Through the analysis and calculation of the process of reed parts, the design and manufacture of 150 times/min and the size accuracy are determined to be 0.01mm, step accuracy is 0.006mm high-precision multi-station progressive die.Draw the development diagram and layout of reed parts

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