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Detection of clamping of precision terminal of progressive die

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Detection of clamping of precision terminal of progressive die

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Precision terminal section analyzer is a precision detection and analysis equipment specially developed for precision terminal products.The whole analyzer is composed of terminal cutting, grinding system, corrosion cleaning, section image acquisition system, wire harness terminal image measurement and analysis system.

The detection personnel of lighter windshield can finish the processing and analysis of the section of the wire harness end of a precision terminal in 3 ~ 5 minutes, which greatly improves the speed of the section detection of the wire harness end of the precision terminal.Efficient testing, high quality reports and accurate analysis are the most needed data for the compression testing.

The advantages of the detection instrument precision terminal compression detection

1. Simple operation

Prepare the sample, pass the resin of the sample through the work of the instrument to meet the test requirements, simple operation, fast time.

2. Fixture with wide application scope

The fixture can be applied to various types of precision terminals.When cutting and grinding, there is no need to worry about the deformation of the gnawing teeth or flying out of the core.It doesn't require special skills, and anyone can do it easily.The whole operation is simple and convenient, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

3. High power microscope and professional analysis software work together

The microscope system can produce three-dimensional images when observing objects, with strong sense of substitution and real sense of scene.The perfect combination of a high-quality optical system and a high-resolution camera can produce high-definition images on a computer screen at magnification from 10 to 400 times.

Even the thick or extremely thin wire harness terminals of ningbo precision stamping parts can be clearly and perfectly displayed. The high-precision wire harness terminal picture measurement and analysis software can instantaneously measure various data of wire harness terminals, including: width CW, height CH and area, so as to obtain compression ratio.The measurement accuracy under the maximum multiplier is 1 ~ 2 muon.

Precision terminal pressure welding condition for testing, is responsible for the company to the customer, the company is the pursuit of better lean products, its own wujiang hong sheng precision hardware manufacturing co., LTD., sincerely hope, good product quality and service can bring you pleasure of products use feeling, sincere desire with you hand in hand, common progress!



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