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Continuous die parts blank forging for progressive stamping die

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Continuous die parts blank forging for progressive stamping die

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As is known to all, in our life, many products have to go through a series of processing to appear in the finished products, so it is not easy, because it is like a continuous mold, they are partly blank after forging, eventually will appear in shape.This is the ultimate goal of our product processing.In order to save materials and reduce production costs, we need to forge continuous molds to improve raw materials.Performance, let's look at the purpose of continuous die parts roughing.

Purpose igniter metal tube for roughing continuous die parts

Billets of continuous die parts are generally formed through forging. The purpose of forging is to obtain a certain geometric shape to save raw materials, processing time and cost.For general structural parts of a continuous die forging is usually the main purpose of obtaining a certain geometry.In front of the main working parts continuous mold, especially need to heat treatment quality and longer service life of components, such as mold of convex concave die, forging die cavity, plastic mold and die casting mould, in addition to the requirements, the main purpose is to improve the performance of raw materials by forging, in addition to geometry, save raw materials and reduce processing time.

This material improves the density of the material itself through repeated piers and dials, so that the internal structure particles can be further uniform, thus improving the performance of the material.

2. After forging, the material changes the flow direction or streamline bending of the material, which also improves the mechanical properties of the material.

3. After forging, the distribution of carbide in the wholesale material of ignition barrel is improved, the distribution level is improved, the material strength and toughness are improved, and the processing performance is improved.

Through the above understanding of the purpose of continuous die parts rough forging, we should have a better understanding of our products.From this point of view, continuous die parts must be selected before forging, especially the main workpiece must be forged before processing, because only in this way can the material's performance be fully developed.Our company's mold production is also very good, welcome to come to understand.

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