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The structural characteristics of progressive die are introduced

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The structural characteristics of progressive die are introduced

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The structural characteristics of progressive die are introduced. Various dies play an important role in the use of electrical equipment.What are the structural characteristics of the progressive die?What should I pay attention to when using?I think everyone is very concerned about the use of progressive mold, let's take a look at it with xiaobian function!

The features of progressive die structure are as follows: 1.The igniter metal tube die consists of three parts: the upper die, the lower die and the die sleeve, and is guided by the guide column.2. The upper die has a punch on the upper die fixing plate, and the screw is connected to the upper die plate.3. Two semi-conical concave molds are filled in the socket of the concave mold with conical holes, and the middle cavity is opened. The two semi-circular concave molds are positioned by two locating pins.4. The lower die is composed of the lower die fixing plate, which has a core and another core.The unloading part consists of the ejector rod and ejector pad.After the parts are molded, the upper mold is first opened by a special unloading mold, and then the two half cone molds are pushed out of the mold by a thimble.Products can be removed by separating progressive molds.The structural characteristics of progressive die are introduced

With the rapid development of modern production technology, more and more high-tech products are put into use to supply lighter outer cover.Continuous die is the representative of technology development.They not only provide a high quality guarantee for processing and production, but also have a qualitative leap in improving the overall application efficiency.The continuum model certainly has the opportunity to evolve in today's use.What do we need to pay attention to in actual use?Of interest to you, the following is a brief introduction to the definition of continuous mode by continuous mode manufacturers.Its main features.

Definition of continuous pattern and its main characteristics

Continuous die means a press machine that USES strip stamping materials in one stroke, a lighter spray hood and simultaneously performs multiple stamping processes on multiple dies with several different stations.Move at a fixed distance once until the product is complete.During stamping, the material strip always moves in one direction.Cutting the inner strip of the mold into two or more directions and called progressive mold;The feed of strip in the mould is called automatic continuous mould.Stamping dies with different processes on the stamping production chain use robots or other automated equipment to move the workpiece through stamping or component movement.Rated chip is called multi - station chip.

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