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The forging die material of lighter windshield shall meet the requirements

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The forging die material of lighter windshield shall meet the requirements

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Requirements for progressive die materials there is a wide variety of electrical equipment today, and in the manufacture of such equipment, a variety of molds are commonly used and materials are required for these molds.Today we will see together the requirements for progressive die materials and which die materials are more reliable.Let's meet xiaobian!

When working in the progressive die, the lighter hood will not only produce plastic deformation and cavity accumulation in the working part of the mold, but also wear and tear, which will affect the service life of the mold.Therefore, when selecting die materials, materials with high thermal fatigue, high yield point, fracture toughness and oxygen resistance should be selected.The material shall have the following characteristics: 1.This material should have high mechanical properties at high temperature.It includes high mechanical strength, hardness and impact toughness to withstand great deformation resistance and good wear resistance.2. Better heat resistance fatigue, even in the hot and cold alternating mold working conditions can also have a higher service life.3. It has good tempering stability, so that the hardness of the forging die will not decrease due to heat when working.4. The hardenability of the material is good, so the forging die has the overall necessary and uniform mechanical properties.Progressive die materials to meet the requirements

When using electrical equipment, the use of various types of mold is very common, and different sizes of mold processing must meet different conditions.Today, we will look at the processing and positioning of composite mold.What are the criteria?I think everyone is curious about it.Let us look at the key points of mold production and processing with small make up!

How to locate the compound mold processing

If the relative position between the machined surface and the raw surface of the workpiece needs to be ensured, the raw surface of the precision stamping parts of the lighter should usually be chosen as a rough reference.If there are many surfaces on the workpiece that do not need to be machined, the position accuracy of the surface should be corrected.A higher surface is required for rough reference.If the edges of the important surface of the workpiece are uniform, the surface should be chosen as a rough reference.In this case, the following plane should be used as a rough reference.Then use the following plane as a positioning reference.Composite molds are used to process the upper surface and other parts of the mold base, thereby reducing the billet.The error makes the upper plane and the lower plane basically parallel to the main plane, and the lower surface is preferably processed in the upper plane, and the processing allowance of the lower plane is relatively uniform and relatively small.

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