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What are the differences in the use of progressive die stamping

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What are the differences in the use of progressive die stamping

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What are the differences in the use of progressive die stamping I believe that many of our friends have mastered some of the preventive measures for the use of these dies through our knowledge of the die processing equipment that we often use.In our side, due to the production demand, we need to use a large number of secret equipment, such as micro-motor parts progressive die is what we need in the production of some high-precision motor.Today, xiaobian will introduce you to the use of progressive mold differences.I hope everyone understands.

The progressive side edge of the progressive progressive die is the punch, and the feed positioning notch on the side of the cutting strip.The side plate is a plate-like part that exerts pressure on one side of the belt through a spring and precision metal stamping pushes the other side to the guide plate.The ejector pin is a rod-shaped part that shoots the workpiece or sequential material directly or indirectly in an upward motion.A roof is a plate-like part that moves within a mold or module.Ring gear is a ring tooth protrusion on a fine stamping die or toothed pressure plate, and the limit sleeve is a tubular part used to limit the minimum closing height of the die.The limit column is a cylindrical member that limits the minimum closing height of the die.Progressive die fixing plate is a plate - shaped part for fixing punch.Fixed drain plate is a drain plate fixed on the mold.A fixed stop pin is a fixed stop pin that is fixed in a mold.The unloader is a nonplate part or device that separates the workpiece from the outer surface of the punch.A stripper plate is a fixed or movable plate-like part that removes material or work from a punch.The stripper plate is sometimes integrated with the guide plate and used as the guide material, and is still called the stripper plate.The discharge screw is a screw fixed on the elastic discharge plate, which is used by precision stamping manufacturers to limit the static position of the spring discharge plate.What are the differences in the use of progressive die stamping

It seems that there are still many differences in the use of these progressive molds.With the continuous improvement of our production technology, the use of these molds is more and more, which has brought great convenience to our production industry.Where it goes.The use of progressive molds is quite different.This is something everyone needs to master.There are many things to be aware of when producing and using our other molds.So I hope everyone can learn to use these molds to create a production for our industrial production.Greater value.

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