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What is the advantage of mould processing forgings

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What is the advantage of mould processing forgings

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What is the advantage of the die processing forging ignitor metal tube in the use of the mold, everyone should be familiar with them.In production activities, many parts are pressed from the mold.In order to make different parts, we usually use different molds, and then we will analyze the process requirements for continuous composite molds to make parts.Let's take a look at it and make up.

Designed die parts should be easy to achieve the required processing quality on the part drawing, that is, the structure of the parts should ensure that the processing is relatively easy, the workload as small as possible.Casting die parts should be easy to adopt high productivity processing methods.For example, the surface shape distribution of parts should be reasonable, and standardization and standardization should be adopted as far as possible.The design of parts should be conducive to reduce the processing workload of parts, that is, to minimize the processing surface, to reduce the workload and consumption of tools, electrodes and materials.

When we use the mould to process, we should consider the material of the part for easy processing.Move as far away from the recovery position as possible.Parts should be treated with good rigidity.The structure of the parts should consider the safety in the process.When designing casting die parts and measuring their structural process, the designer must consider the entire manufacturing process of the parts.What are the advantages of die processing forgings

As we all know, all kinds of progressive die, we usually use the die to forge the parts of the equipment, so the quality of the die is very important, because it will affect the quality of the forging.Compound mold is a kind of mold.What are the benefits of using it in die production and machining?It's curious to everyone.Let's see.

What are the advantages of forging die processing?

1. The forging adopts forging die production, which can reduce the metal processing allowance, improve the material utilization rate, shorten the manufacturing cycle of the workpiece, and make the ignition barrel easy to operate with low cost and good economic benefits.Therefore, it is very necessary to use forging in mass production.

2. After forging, the sealing cover of the lighter machine can obtain good fiber structure and its mechanical properties are superior to those of casting and metal cutting.

With the improvement of precision of forging machine tool and composite mould, metal cutting is gradually replaced in some fields.

3.After forging and precision forging, the machining precision of IT7 IT9 can be achieved.

4. The use of forging die processing is conducive to the specialization of forging process and the mechanization of production process.It improves the working environment and workers' working conditions, which is conducive to civilized production.


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