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Features of progressive stamping die

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Features of progressive stamping die

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First of all, make full use of IT technology to develop die design and manufacturing.The design and manufacture of body mould accounts for about two thirds of the development cycle of automobile and becomes the main restricting factor of automobile replacement.Currently, the world's car replacement time is about 48 months, compared with just 30 months in the United States.This car benefits from CAD/CAE/CAM technology and 3D solid steam hood applications in the die industry.Die structure design software.In addition, the wide application of the network technology of the cover of the lighter flame tube provides a reliable information carrier, which can be designed and manufactured in different places.At the same time, the application of IT technology such as virtual manufacturing will also promote the development of mold industry.

Secondly, the feature of progressive die shortens the trial time of metal forming die.At present, the development of hydraulic high-speed testing machine and tensile mechanical press, especially the development of mechanical press, can reduce 80%, and has great potential for saving.The development trend of this experimental mechanical press is to use a multi-link drawing press equipped with CNC hydraulic drawing pad, which has the function of parameter setting and state memory.Features of progressive stamping die

Thirdly, the progressive mould in the body manufacture develops rapidly.The use of progressive stamping dies or combination dies to process rotor or stator plates on automatic presses or in connector operations is a well-known stamping technique.In recent years, progressive combined die has been used in the body structure.More widely used are the direct processing of coils into molded parts and tensile parts.

Our company has 9 high-speed automatic stamping production lines, and the fastest stamping speed of high-speed punch in the textile machinery parts market is up to 1,100 times per minute, with a monthly production capacity of 100,000 Kpcs.We have a complete set of mould manufacturing equipment (including AgieCharmilles, original Sodick, Taiwan precision grinding machine, precision image measuring instrument, projector, durometer, etc.) and develop, design, manufacture and maintain mould functions independently to ensure delivery time.Our company can quickly produce hardware samples and the first version according to customers' drawings, so as to gain more time and reduce development costs for customers' product development and improvement.It undertakes the design and manufacture of all kinds of precise continuous mould, and processes all kinds of mould and all kinds of precise parts.


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