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Precision stamping parts of cigarette lighter

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Precision stamping parts of cigarette lighter

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The progressive die is mainly used for the batch production of small and complicated stamping parts, which has many working positions, high accuracy and long service life requirements.Therefore, compared with the conventional punching die, the multi-station progressive die has similar processing and assembly methods, but the requirements are higher, and there are more places to coordinate, so the processing and assembly are more complex and difficult.On the premise of reasonable mould design, the qualified multi-station progressive mould must have advanced mould processing equipment, measuring means and reasonable mould manufacturing process specification.Compared with other punch dies, the multi-station progressive die processing has the following characteristics:

(1) working parts, inserts and three big plates (punch plate, concave plate and unloading insert plate, referred to as three plates) are difficult parts and key control parts in the processing of multi-station progressive die. The processing difficulties are reflected in the size and accuracy of the working parts' profile and the size and position accuracy of the three big plates' profile.

(2) due to its complex shape, small size and high accuracy, it is difficult to complete the processing with traditional mechanical processing, which must be supplemented by advanced machining methods such as high-precision CNC linear cutting, forming grinding and curve grinding (CNC linear cutting + forming grinding is usually adopted).Because of small convex die and concave die set piece is wearing parts, need to change, must have certain compatibility, so small punch, concave mould set piece production distribution will not be used for processing, but have interchangeability of separate processing, which requires both punch and die drawings should clearly indicate the specific guarantee clearance dimension and tolerance, so that the spare parts production.

(3) in the multi-station progressive die, the punch plate, the concave plate and the unloading insert plate have high precision and many dimensions, which are the three key parts with the most difficulty in manufacturing, the most time consuming and the longest cycle, and are the concentrated embodiment of the precision of the die.The position accuracy, perpendicularity and so on of the punch or insert parts mounted above are guaranteed by these three plates.So these three plates must be correctly selected, determine the processing method and heat treatment method, to ensure the processing quality.In addition to the traditional machining methods, commercial kitchen accessories must also use advanced machining methods such as high-precision CNC wire cutting, coordinate boring and coordinate grinding, and combine machining when necessary.

(4) multi-station progressive die precision requirements, long life requirements, high dimensional stability requirements, so the selection of mold parts in addition to the requirements of high wear resistance, high strength and high hardness, but also requires small heat treatment deformation, good dimensional stability.

According to the processing requirements of the multi-station progressive die, the precision machining equipment of the multi-station progressive die is mainly composed of the slow-thread cutting machine, precision CNC grinder, coordinate grinder, optical curve grinder and other high-precision equipment.In particular, the slow wire cutting machine tool to undertake the semi-finishing, finishing work, some parts of the slot, position also used to cut instead of grinding, cutting and grinding mutual cooperation processing technology to ensure the size, step accuracy.

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