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Ningbo precision stamping parts

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Ningbo precision stamping parts

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1. Hardware spring

Including daily machinery and electrical appliances, such as mattresses, sofas, door hinges, lighters, and so on, this kind of spring demand is larger, but the technical content is not high, to small spring enterprises to improve the development opportunity, ignition barrel price of this kind of spring is mainly to the direction of miniaturization.

2, large spring and plate spring

Including railway rolling stock, truck and construction machinery.These springs are based on hot coil forming, which is an important aspect of spring manufacturing.With the development of high-speed railway and the upgrading of vehicle damping system, the thermal forming spring technology of vehicle suspension has been greatly improved. Such springs are mainly developed towards high strength and high precision to stabilize product quality.

3, supporting spring

Includes supporting springs in cars, motorcycles, diesel engines and gasoline engines.This kind of spring has valve spring, suspension spring, damping spring and clutch spring, the amount of large, about 50% of the spring production.At the same time in the mechanical and electrical products, a variety of springs.

4, electronic appliances spring

Generally, the instrument is mainly used.Typical products such as motor brush spring, switch spring, camera and camera spring, as well as computer accessories spring, instrument accessories spring and so on.This kind of spring spring, the opposite sex of the spring accounted for a larger proportion of the lighter anti - sealing cover different products on the material and technical requirements.This kind of spring is mainly developed in the direction of both high strength and miniaturization.

5, special spring

Mainly to meet special needs, such as textile machinery with the spring frame, the requirements of high anti-relaxation performance;Ladle water slide with a spring, requires high heat resistance;Mine vibration screen with suspension spring, not only requires a high fatigue performance, but also requires a high corrosion resistance, so the use of rubber metal composite spring: in order to meet the comfort of the vehicle when the air spring.

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