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Lighter hood

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Lighter hood

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1. Product burr increases

When the mold production for a period of time, there will be production parts burr increase phenomenon, at this time should check the convex, concave die edge, if found that the edge wear or produce a broken edge, should be carried out grinding, grinding to the punch or concave die pad on the corresponding thickness of the gasket.After the die has been grinded for many times, it is necessary to check whether the straight wall of the edge has been grinded. If there is no straight wall of the edge of the die, it is necessary to replace the insert of the die.

2. Floating wastes

In stamping production, the floating of scrap is a big problem, which not only affects the production, but also damages the mould.Generally speaking, the scrap with regular shape such as round or square processed by precision stamping parts is easy to float up, while the scrap with complicated shape is less likely to float up.

The following are some reasons and solutions for the floating of waste materials.

(1) the blanking clearance is large. If the scrap often floats up in the trial stage, the blanking clearance is too large.If the waste is only occasionally floating up, precision copper stamping parts can be used in the cavity to increase the roughness by electric spark discharge.

(2) the surface of the punch is too smooth. The waste products are attached to the punch under the action of atmospheric pressure, and air holes can be added to the punch.

(3) one-side blanking causes the waste to float up, and the non-blanking side increases the sharp Angle to squeeze the waste.

(4) if the stamping speed is relatively high, it should be considered to reduce the speed. If the speed cannot be reduced due to production needs, the push rod can be added on the punch, and the waste material under the push rod can be added.

In addition, there are some human factors, such as not enough demagnetization after tang blade, god pressure production using too much stamping oil, these should be avoided as far as possible.

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