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Progressive die for stamping




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Progressive die for stamping

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Progressive die for stamping

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Lighter windproof cover customized

The design of continuous die requires the parts of the die to have enough strength, and the choice of material must not be wrong.Mold should avoid the external convex and concave parts independent of the mechanism, external chamfering edge should be.In principle, the guide column should be installed in the lower die and away from the operator. The center force of the die should be close to the center line of the die handle.Design to take into account the operation, adjustment, installation, repair, handling and storage of convenient, safe for operators, in addition, generally we also need to pay attention to the following matters.

1. The number of work steps should be reasonably determined: the number of work steps of the continuous mold is equal to the sum of the decomposed single procedures;

2, the lighter shell in punching and blanking process sequence arrangement, the punching process should be put in front, so that not only can ensure that the material is sent directly, but also can use the hole to guide the good positioning hole, in order to improve the accuracy of the workpiece.

3. In the workpiece without circular hole, in order to improve the accuracy of feeding step, a process hole can be designed in the first step sequence of the die, so that the process hole can be used as the guide and positioning to improve the accuracy of punching parts.

4, the same size of the benchmark of the accuracy of higher requirements of different holes, without affecting the strength of the die, should be arranged in the same work step forming.

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