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The cover of a mobile phone

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The cover of a mobile phone

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1. Reason: lighter accessories

Jumping chip, chip blocking, clamping, etc.

★ improper feeding, cut half material;

★ punch strength is insufficient;

★ size punch too close to each other, punching material traction, causing small punch break;

★ punch and die local too sharp Angle;

★ punching clearance is small;

★ no stamping oil or use of stamping oil volatile;

★ blanking gap uneven, offset, convex and concave die interference;

★ unloading insert accuracy or wear, loss of precision guide function;

★ mold guidance is not accurate, wear;K, convex, concave die material selection is not appropriate, hardness is not appropriate;

★ guide material (pin) wear;

★ gasket add improper.

2, countermeasures: ignition gun barrel

★ to solve the jumping chip, chip blocking, clamping problems;

★ pay attention to feeding, timely clip material belt, timely cleaning mold;

★ modify the design, increase the overall strength of the punch, reduce the size of the straight edge of the concave die, pay attention to the end face of the punch edge repair slope or arc, small part after cutting;

★ small punch length grinding short relative to a large punch thickness of more than one;

★ modify the design;

★ control the machining precision of convex and concave die or modify the design gap, the small part of the punching clearance is appropriately increased;

★ adjust the amount of stamping oil drop or change the oil type;

★ check the precision of each part, and adjust or replace, control the processing accuracy;

★ research or replacement;

★ replace guide column, guide sleeve, pay attention to daily maintenance;

★ replace the material, use the appropriate hardness.



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