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What are the methods of the stability of the progressive die of the lighter hood

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What are the methods of the stability of the progressive die of the lighter hood

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When many people use a progressive die, they will find that the progressive die will be used for a period of time after a variety of problems, lighter hood will affect our processing effect.Therefore, when we deal with progressive modules, we need to improve the progressive module.The overall stability of energy, in order to facilitate our use, to ensure the quality of progressive die processing, then how do we improve the stability of progressive die?How to improve the stability of progressive die?Let's take a look at everyone.

The main factors affecting the progressive die and stamping stability are as follows.The use of progressive die material, the strength of the progressive die structure component, the stability of the progressive die stamping material performance, wave characteristics of progressive die material thickness in the process of progressive die stamping, since each stamping stamping it with its own chemical composition, mechanical properties and is closely related to the stamping performance characteristic value.The instability of the stamping material, the fluctuation of the thickness of the stamping material and the change of the stamping material not only directly affect the precision and quality of the stamping, but also may cause damage to the progressive die.Therefore, in the process of designing stamping technology and progressive die, the tensile strength of precision copper stamping must be considered.Arrange the stretch rib according to the range of punching force and determine the shape of the stretch rib.And the degree of deformation is complete.

I didn't expect that there would be many factors affecting the stability of the progressive die.Therefore, when we use progressive die, we should pay more attention to these aspects of the operation, improve the stability of progressive die, and ensure the quality of processed products..In recent years, progressive mould has been used more and more around us.We have higher and higher requirements on the performance of progressive die.We need to carry out maintenance work when using progressive mould.Better extend the life of progressive die.

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