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Typical survey of high speed precision stamping production technology

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Typical survey of high speed precision stamping production technology

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Characteristics of high speed precision stamping technology and typical situation of high speed precision stamping production technology in application field

High speed precision stamping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology of modern stamping production, which integrates high speed precision press technology, high precision stamping die technology, high quality product material technology, intelligent control technology and green technology.The application of high speed precision stamping technology mass production products, with high production efficiency, high quality, high consistency and energy saving, saving labor, reducing costs and ensuring safe production and other characteristics, so has been more and more national economy each industrial production departments pay attention to.At present, modern advanced manufacturing technology is the subject of research and development of all countries in the world, especially in today's highly developed market economy, it occupies a very important position.

Mold expert luo hui said, high-speed precision stamping die technology mainly based on the use of sheet metal processing products, by the high speed press equipment, precision stamping die, the high quality coil of three basic elements, and in automation peripherals uncoiling device, leveling device, feeding device, material lubricating device, the device, a device, receiving device, such as coordinate connection, according to the stamping process of a kind of stamping automatic production lines.

Precision stamping parts processing can not only greatly improve the labor productivity, improve labor condition, reduce the cost, but also can effectively guarantee the safety in stamping production, fundamentally change the stamping production, therefore they are widely used in electronics, communication, automobile, machinery, military industry, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment and electrical appliances product manufacturing.In the rail transit, aviation and aerospace, new energy and other product manufacturing areas are more and more widely used.

Application of high speed press technology for lighter hood typical situation of high speed precision stamping production technology

With the rapid development of electronic communication, electrical machinery, automobile and household appliances, the demand for precision stamping parts is increasing, the technical requirements are higher and higher, and the application is more and more extensive, so in mass production and super mass production, the ordinary press has been unable to meet the production and technical requirements.High speed, automation and continuous stamping with high speed precision press is an effective way to improve the stamping productivity.Due to the slide stroke per minute of high speed precision press is more than 5 times higher than that of ordinary press with similar tonnage, the high speed precision press not only has high stamping accuracy and good surface quality, but also has long service life of the die.

In recent years, the stamping technology has been developing towards the direction of high speed, precision and intelligence, which has promoted the development momentum of high speed press. Therefore, many high speed precision presses and ultra-high speed precision presses have emerged, which indicates that the technology of high speed precision press has developed to the stage of ultra-high speed and ultra-high precision technology.

Some foreign companies of small tonnage high-speed precision press according to the number of slide stroke into four speed grade: constant speed?Q250 times/min, sub-high speed??250~400 times/min, high speed??400~1,000 times/min, super speed?R1,000 cycles per minute.The slider stroke times of large-tonnage high-speed precision press are relatively low, such as 300-ton large-scale high-speed precision press, the slider stroke range of advertisement lighter windcover is only about 160~400 times/min, and 100-ton fin special high-speed precision press, the slider stroke range is generally about 150~250 times/min.

Because as the press tonnage stamping velocity, stroke length and the number, process structure and material properties, automatic feed speed and precision, and many other elements of the different and change, it is difficult to use simple Numbers as dividing the boundaries of each level, luo hui said, the scope of high speed precision press someone who comported himself in the world still has not been made clear definition, usually will stamping speed speed of 5 ~ 10 times higher than ordinary press are collectively referred to as high speed precision stamping.According to the application of the high-speed precision press in most Chinese enterprises, the impact speed is reasonable and meaningful according to the average value of the lowest and highest stroke number of the slider or 10~20% higher than the average.Because the maximum stroke number of the slider of the high-speed precision press is generally the number of stroke without load.Precision stamping parts manufacturers when travel times up to a certain value, press the imbalance is significantly increased in operation, and slide block bottom dead center dynamic change degree is bigger also, so you must solve the coil quality, feeding speed, mold, equipment performance and service life, failure strength, stiffness and precision of automatic monitoring and stability, vibration and noise, and lubrication and cooling system and a series of technical problems.Therefore, the impact speed in the application of high speed precision press is quite critical.







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