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Safety of stamping progressive die for precision stamping parts

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Safety of stamping progressive die for precision stamping parts

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Precision of precision stamping die structure of precision stamping parts production of precision and quality, but in the process of production, we should not only ensure the precision and quality of products, more attention should be paid to safety, especially for precision stamping die, security is also in the design of precision stamping parts we must consider the question.The following is a summary of the use of some mold design security issues.Safety of stamping progressive die for precision stamping parts

1) first of all, the structure should be as far as possible to ensure the convenience of incoming materials, fixed materials, parts, cleaning waste.

2) where are the processing of large precision stamping parts of textile machinery parts, progressive stamping die if the operator must work into the die by hand, to reduce the scope of entering the die as far as possible, shorten the time of some part of the body to stay in the die as far as possible, and should be clear about the scope of the danger zone of the die, equipped with necessary protective measures and devices.Shanghai stamping parts processing, if the operator must hand into the mold operation, to reduce the scope of the mold as far as possible, as far as possible to shorten a part of the body in the mold to stay in the time, and should be clear die danger area scope, equipped with necessary protective measures and devices.

3) for the processing of small precision stamping parts, it is strictly forbidden for the operator's fingers, wrists or other parts of the body to extend into the mold area;

4) more than 20 kg parts processing should be lifting handling measures to reduce labor intensity.

5) it is not allowed to produce waste materials or projectiles in the process of processing precision stamping parts, which will affect the attention of the operator or even hurt the operator.

6) the mold weight should be marked on the general drawing for easy installation and safety.

7) various parts on the die of precision metal stamping parts should have enough strength and stiffness to prevent damage and deformation in the process of use. The fastening parts should have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator.

8) the installation and removal of mold parts should be convenient and safe, to avoid the possibility of clamping or cutting hands;Molds should be easy to disassemble and store.Safety of stamping progressive die for precision stamping parts

9) strong noise and vibration during stamping processing should be avoided as far as possible.

10) precision stamping parts processing is not allowed in the operation of too much and too difficult action.

11) avoid cutting hand with burr of precision stamping parts.The operator is not allowed to press the operation when too much action range, avoid the body to lose stable posture;

In a word, even minor problems in the die can affect the safety. Only by analyzing the specific problems in each operation can safety precautions in the die of precision stamping parts be proposed.In order to ensure the safety of workers in the production of personnel, in order to achieve the true trust product trust use degree!





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